Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Monthly post -incompetant assassin

                 No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!!!!!!

really wanted to do a really good post with this as i knew what i wanted to do from the very start, however time was most defintely against me here, this was the best i could do in teh time I had. will do a better post for December


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Monthly post - Horror

Octobers theme was Horror.  Having seen a few Hammer films during the month I thought I'd try do something like a Hammer film poster.  Then tried drawing some zombies etc but wasn't satisfied with any of my rough sketches.  But I'm not one to give up on a zombie.  Soooooo I tried a number of things, watched The Walking Dead, got well inspired and then I randomly fell across the trailer for the new The Goon film, which I haven't seen in ages, and if you haven't seen it go to YouTube right now n watch it, you wont be disappointed.  From there everything seemed to fit into place.  I must draw The Goon, and since the Goon is smashing zombies up most of the time, I get to draw my zombie as well.

Here's my version of the The Goon.  I hadn't really drawn him before but I had as much fun drawing him as I usually do drawing Spider-Man.  Needless to say then, that I will be drawing a lot more of The Goon and Frankie!  I'd better go and start this months post, I don't want to be late again.

Oh yeah the group got a new blog  http://collectivethinkingblog.blogspot.com/

check it out so you can see all the posts for the month!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mix media & a new studio space

 I've been 'Kinging' it with the mixed media lately.

Above is a man named Eric.  Eric used to live the high-life. Never paid taxes, he was a wealthy and dangerous man, he had money to blow on mansions and fancy cars.  Then one day he was taking a stroll through Stephens Green shopping centre and suddenly Eric was bursting for a piss.  So he ran up to the front of the que to use the toilets and he refused to pay to get in, ( I hear yeh buddy)so he barged right into the toilets and got a stall.  The attendant then rang the Gards who were only looking for an excuse to catch Eric as Eric had avoided them for years.  Eric was then caught with his pants down.

Eric was drawn on a crunched up bit of yellow A4 paper, and drawn with (anything I had lying around) a couple of black markers, coloring pencils and the white was drawn with a tippex mouse, the eyes tinted with a paint pen.  it was a good bit o fun!

Here's my pumpkin this year, not as good as the Gears of War, one i did last year, maybe as good as the Jack Skellington one i did the year before that, nonetheless i decided to post it up.  Its Sally from the nightmare b4 christmas, ( or atleast its meant to be). Must give props to the internet for the design.

And... Here's my new Home studio.

 Here's the lot, new desk, new chair, lots o space, its the business

 Still using some traditional media, n if u look closely u can see my herobear coaster and  books im referencing at the mo.  I think I have actually had that animation disc for 7 years now, its a trooper.
And here's my bread and butter, Laptop, a simple but brilliant Dell Precision with L intuos 4 wacom tablet. Should have a nice big Imac soon for working at home.The wire from my iphone hanging from the laptop there as i was using the iphone to take the photo. My handy Epson printer that never seems to have ink on the right.

 And right at the side here is my big telly that I can now hook up to my laptop and draw from. hmmm on 2nd thoughts prob would have been a better idea to show me using it, ah ill do it another time.

apologies for the shody photo's all were taken using my iphone and my shakey hands.  I'm gonna hav a few more posts soon ( b4 the end of the month), all will be digital pieces.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lost In Space Monthly Post, Venom

So here's this months post.  This months theme was "Lost in Space"  and to me, there's none more so than Venom. I bet he just wants to go home, instead he's stuck on a strange planet, homeless and hooked on a drug called Spider-Man.

Despite the fact that I'm a huge Spidey fan I haven't actually drawn a lot o Venom. This will be the first of many, this was a lot o fun to draw, just kinda threw caution to the wind, tried some new things, Hope you all like.  Anyways I'm off to watch the UFC, those of you who call yourselves MMA fans should check out this site its awesome http://www.mmareel.com/.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1950's Pin Up Month, Tip That Waitress!

OK so here's this months group post (just in time before the month is out).  I've been really busy lately doing character designs and illustrations so I really got into this, as it was something to draw for myself as apposed to drawing something for cash.  What the group is gonna do is, produce something for the blog (animation, design, storyboards, comic, collage, photo, anything) with a different theme for each month. This months theme was 1950 Pin Up Girls!

Mucked around a lot with a rake of poses tried all sorts of mega ambitious stuff, then yesterday that little nagging voice in the back of my head got really angry, bet the ambitiousness out of me and reminded me to keep it simple.  So I lashed out a few quick poses, I really liked the flow of this one (hence I called the girl Flo) so i stuck with it, cleaned it up and coloured it.  Originally I was just planing to do a Black and White but I haven't drawn anything for myself in ages so I sorta just let myself get carried away and have some fun.  And I'm pretty happy with this considerin I'm so stuck for time lately.
This was the first time our group tried something like this, Let's hope it continues.  Here's some links to the others in the group so you can check out their pieces

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thanks for all the gud times Sketchpad

I'm just about to retire my current sketchpad. Its just about done.  I was trying to leave it at home a lot more lately so I'd be forced to do sum gestural stuff on my iphone, but 9/10 times the pad is with me.  Sssoooooooooo here's a load o sketches from the pad, sum wobbly drawings that are done on the bus, on my break, or just trying to think something out.  Also there's a lot o stuff in it from pegbar meetings and studio work, so there's prob sum scrawlly writting on the reverse side of the page showing through the drawings.

Figure study of a guy in Dun Laoghaire using a Japanese brush pen. I try to get these lashed out on the page in about 20 to 30 seconds. Definitely not one of my best, struggling to do sum gestural stuff with the brush pen, I think I get too sloppy with it, esp if i have to draw quickly. Having a lot o fun with those pens tho. I'll post up sum stuff I have done with them thats good soon.

Another one from the same day, this one is slightly better but still not great.

This one's not bad, it was done in my fav pub in Dublin while I was waiting for a few mates. Just thought the girl was really interesting.

Here's a quicky I did of Spidey, doodled this while I was on my lunch in Kavaleer.

Back on the bus again.  Gud oul 46a, its such a pity I hate drawing on the bus.

Thinkin something out, didnt like it.

Still trying to think it out. Started to get better, still not right.  I'm pretty happy with the shape on that neck tho.

GRRRRRRRRRR!   Obv liked this character at the time. Originally he was meant for something, but now I'm not so sure.

And here's one I did that was the 1/10 time that I didnt have my sketchbook with me.

Hulk Smash!

Thanks a mill Sketchbook *shakes Sketchbooks hand and passes on a golden watch*, u were awesome.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a little inspirational experiment

I was mucking around tonight, didnt get n e thing drawn that I liked felt like i hit a block sooooooo, i tried drawing white on black, came up with this.  pretty happy

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mandy, coz its Dean Yeagle's Bday 2day.

so i didnt post up anything last week, to make up for it, heres a B&W n sum colour this week.  just started doodling after dinner, ended up doodling Mandy, Dean Yeagle's character cause I'm a big fan n I found out this mornin due to the power of Facebook that its Deans Bday today. mucked around a bit with the half tone as well, just being playing with it a lot this last while, so i thought I'd jus continue to play with it as im havin a lot o fun with it. I liked the effect it gave the above  B&W. will try more things like it. hope it does Dean n Mandy sum justice.

Happy Bday Dean!  Thanks for all the years of inspiration!

n e ways until the next dose of inspiration, laters!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Black cat in dat new style im using lately

Here's where that new job is taking me. Its making me use a realistic style over my usual cartooning.  Havin a lot o fun with this its nice to be challenged to do something new.   Its even nicer to rise to the occasion.  Here's hoping it keeps goin well, I'm really enjoying it.

The job has nutin to do with Black Cat  and noting to do with the marvel verse at all. This is me jus mucking around with a style im using professionally at the mo.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Muckin around with a lil bit o spare time again, (wasnt goin to post anything today but did cause i was aked to by Niki http://nicholakehoe.blogspot.com/ . Thanks a mill Niki!) i think the designs for all the characters in the Gorillaz are awesome! n yet ive never actually drawn them, so here's a sketch o 2-D.  Really just lashed this guy out had a lot o fun, ill prob draw the rest o the band eventually.   Hope u like it Niki!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yippee Kiyay Mother Fudger!

Yo was looking for sumthin to draw this mornin to warm up into an illustration for a book I'm doin, n after a load o looking up sum artists, Colman, comics, imagine fx, gris grimly, blogger, Niki's ( http://nicholakehoe.blogspot.com/ )  blog n stumbled on a post my mate Dan ( http://www.zero-capital.blogspot.com/ ) put up,


 These drawings he did r full o energy big twisted lines, some of my favourite drawings that he's dun n for the first time i looked at sumones sketches n thought, if i had to do that in my style how would i do it, wat wud it look like, wud i ruin the other persons sketches?  sooooooooooooooo i had a stab at convertin this guy into sumthin I'd draw.

He turned out v different, I was drawin cowboys at the weekend so I def went dwn the cowboy route with him ( instead of the introverted bus driver) n left out the crest on his t shirt, n changed his boots.  but kept the elongated neck n head, and I stretched him out a bit more.   I did a version o him with sum stubble, (i think cowboys shud have stubble) but keepin in with Dan's style i also did sum fresh faced sketches o him too. also liked how high Dan kept the hat sitting high on his head so i did that too, usually i have the hat covering the eyes n such.  My design looks a great deal darker than Dan's happy designs, but I'm pretty happy with the end results.  Cheers Dan!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Scream!

Was mucking around after doing sum work today on my children's book and I had this little joke in my head.  might actually refine it, make a nu blog header or business card outta it.

apparently it takes about 10,000 hours of practice to excel in a particular area so I'm heading back to the drawing board!


Monday, June 28, 2010

more iphone gestural stuff

Another gestural sketch from my iphone. I spent ages on this one to tell truth, cleanin up on the iphone with sum clumsy man hands aint easy.  this is of a girl i saw on friday, cool dress sense, very cool pose and expression that sed "i dont care".  im goin to try n draw sum more of her  im def goin to draw full body complete pose, ive actually never seen n e 1 sit at a bus stop using a pillar and stop sign to prop herself up and actually look very comfortabel b4.

i doubt my iphone drawings will ever b this clean again this took a lot o patience, did an awful lot more drawin with the eraser than n e thin else. i ended up using my laptop on a few lil bits but i wudnt let myself do too much, felt like i was cheatin r sumthin. def more of this kind o stuff to come

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zoolander's reaction on BP oil spill

A wise man once said that "Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty." - not in BP's case tho. There's been soooooo much oil spilled into the sea i think it's really really ridiculous.

I started this this morning while waiting for feedback on a job I'm doing, thought I'd throw it up. I'm actually happy with the likeness.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Life Drawing

Here's sum more Life Drawing, still really rusty think i even had a better week 2 weeks ago in the class. but how n ever here's some work. top one is a gesture n the bottom 2 are sustained poses. all drawings are conte on sugar paper

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

warm up

startin a new gig today n its requires me to tone back my really cartooned style. heres a warm up i did to get myself started. still not completely realistic but realistic enough

Friday, June 4, 2010

figure studies

Trying to do more n more of these I don't usually post these up but I'm relatively happy with this one.  Especially since it was dun on the bus ( the gud oul 46a) n i hate drawing on the bus cause of all the bumps etc i usually get the worst linequality in the world!  n the line quality in this isn't at all the best could be but, I'm doing these more n more just make my library of designs grow.  Some people in Dublin (esp the women and even more so now that the sun is out) have an amazing dress sense and I'm just trying to see all the shapes, cuts n colours that I can so I can use em in my designs. I'll post up sum more soon whether they r gud r bad

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sum new Life drawin'

Attending new life drawin classes at the mo,  here's a couple o pics

The model we had was awesome, still feel pretty rusty tho as its been years since my last life drawin class, dont feel im doin the model any justice, but i have to start sumwhere.



Here's a big drawing I did for the Art n Hobby last weekend.  It was originally supposed to be loads o kids flying kites and soaking up the summer sun, but wen I woke up that morning it was lashing rain ( gud oul Irish weather) so I thought I'd draw a long armed monster keeping the kids dry while they eat their Mauds Ice-cream n play with toys from the Art n Hobby ( Mauds ice-cream is amazin! check it, n Yo-Yo's r always fun, if u do not have a yo-yo go to ur nearest art n hobby n pick one up!)  this was done on 8, A2 royale blue canford sheets n sum pastels.  twas fun.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Now time for something completely different

So here's something i finger painted on my iphone using the sketchbook express app. it was a gud bit o fun, i reckon ill do a few more of these gestural sketches... wonder who i'll draw next?  I'm gonna update this blog soon wih all kinds of visual goodness and more links to awesome places, i should be gettin a lil bit more time mid-week now soooooo in theory i should be able to start next week

Thursday, March 18, 2010

a new post

yo guys sorry about the lack of posts, but i have a legit reason... work.  recently ive been up to my eyes. which is great cause being busy is the best complaint ever! esp in this recession.   so i cant put up a lot of the wrk ive been wrkin on for obvious reasons but heres sum wrk i can pop up. The thing is tho its a wrk in progress its no where near finished just the sketch (cleaned) and some colours im wrkin on. i tend to wrk strangley with colours due to my partial colourblindness.  it takes me a lil while to create a palette. so heres a piece im wrkin on that i can hopefully fill u all in on the details of the project in a few weeks.

bu heres sum wrk all drawn on sketchbook pro n coloured in the usual joys of ps


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

concept piece

It wud appear that i havn't finished studying the area of shadows, i still have loads of ideas based on shadows and mirrored images. I'm revisiting one concept i came up with about a year ago and I've really started developing it in the last few weeks. It's about a boy who in the middle of a game of cowboys and indians shoots and accidently kills his shadow. The rest of the story focuses on the boy and we see how he continues his life without his shadow. Storyboards to come soon

heres a concept piece that I tru sum text on to help get the punchline across.