Thursday, June 3, 2010


Here's a big drawing I did for the Art n Hobby last weekend.  It was originally supposed to be loads o kids flying kites and soaking up the summer sun, but wen I woke up that morning it was lashing rain ( gud oul Irish weather) so I thought I'd draw a long armed monster keeping the kids dry while they eat their Mauds Ice-cream n play with toys from the Art n Hobby ( Mauds ice-cream is amazin! check it, n Yo-Yo's r always fun, if u do not have a yo-yo go to ur nearest art n hobby n pick one up!)  this was done on 8, A2 royale blue canford sheets n sum pastels.  twas fun.


Niki Kehoe said...

Love these :)

Avril said...

As usual the kids loved it so much they had to touch it and smudge it all up. This one was cool mr man.

Bennessy said...

Cheers Avril! didnt know u were on blogger. or are you ur link is decieving