Friday, February 7, 2014

Jack Frost : Rise of the Guardians


A couple of things to blog today, the first is this

My friend and incredible artist Adam coloured up my Blacksad piece from a few weeks ago.  Some of you might have seen on it my facebook page this past week ( cause I couldn't wait to post it up). Hope he feels like colouring more of stuff, cause well he just makes it look better! If you dig his work, go check out his blog it's class!

I've been pretty busy this week. Just got a chance last night to knock out this pic for the blog. It's Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. 

A great film that I only saw over Christmas and watched a bunch of times since.Wanted to have a go at drawing him since.  Anyways, thats me this week, catch you all next friday or over on my facebook page that im recently giving some love and attention to.



miriam abuin said...

Went to Adam's blog. How To Train Your Dragon pic is so sweet! Love it!

Bennessy said...

yeah thats a fav of mine as well!