Friday, July 26, 2013

Pacific WIN!

Hey folks,

Started this late last night so it's only a work in progress.

Went to go see Pacific Rim this week. Holy Wow, I don't think I've had as much fun in the cinema in aaaaaaaaages! Really enjoyed it, if you haven't seen it I recommend that you do before it's out of the cinema, it's definitely a film that deserves a watch on the BIG screen. 

Reasons to go see this film - GIANT Monsters fighting GIANT robots, one of the best omoplatas you'll ever see MMA & Jui Jitsu fans, All of the Action, if you like anything post apocalyptic, FUN, cheesey dialogue & end of the world speeches, if you're a del Toro fan and if you like watching people stick fight! That's right it's got all these and waaaaaay more so I thought I'd throw my hand at some Pacific Rim fan art.

Here's Mako, she's pretty class in fight, as long as she's got that staff she might even beat Ronda Rousey.

As I said it's just a work in progress at the mo, I'll try finish it for the blog next week!

Hope yee dig it

Friday, July 19, 2013

Just Playing


not much to report on this week, been doing some writing for Carrie and Rufus, finishing off a couple of other gigs and starting a few new ones. I did these in what ever time I had spare ( spare time is hard to fins at the moment cause it's really nice and sunny in Ireland at the moment and that never happens so I'm taking advantage of it while the sun's around!)

Here's something I don't usually post my warm up drawings, cause usually it's a page of circles as I don't really give the warm ups the time you see Young and Colman give them ( their warm up sketches are pretty amazing) but this week I drew up some heads, just for the sake of it really.

these are actually influenced by some failed figure studies of people I drew on the bus or in a café. Just trying to add some new shapes for myself to play with future character designs.

And the next is something I knocked up yesterday cause i thought just posting up the warm ups was a bit of a cop out. I've wanted to do a series of cartoon figures in real backgrounds for a while so I decided to scratch that itch last night. I'll do a better version the 2nd time round, this one was rushed and was a first effort. You might remember the girl from a previous post?  I guess this is what she looks like chillaxing at home.

Here's the original picture I drew over, next time it'll be photos I'll have taken myself.


Oh Yeah and here's a banner I was mucking around with earlier in the week, at the moment it's just my facebook cover pic

Friday, July 12, 2013

Ben's Doodles!


So here's more Carrie & Rufus, I wasn't going to post anything about them this week but this sort of transpired throughout the week.

Those of you who know me know I'm a massive David Colman fan, if you don't know about his stuff check him out here, the mans got skills. He did those great designs for Class of 3000, there was no straight lines in the designs, which kinda blew my mind!

And just for a change in the studio lately, I have a pic of his up by my work desk, it's one of my fav's, here it is.

So I've just been doodling pics of Carrie and Rufus in similar poses, while being on the phone, taking a little break or just trying to warm up. This pic constantly in front of me so I thought maybe I'd try my hand at doing my own rendition or homage so to speak with Carrie and Rufus. And so here it is

There yeh go, David Colman, still and continues to be one of my greatest influences.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Miki's Comic "The Jolly Roger!"

 More writing for Carrie & Rufus than drawing Buuuuuuuuut some awesome news! My friend Cara has joined up & is going to letter the book! Huzzah! Cara's an awesome graphic artist & when it comes to any thing to do with type she's a hero! Check out her stuff here,  here and her twitter here

As promised in an earlier post, here's some fan art of my friend Miki's comic the Jolly Roger. I remember Miki saying on one occasion that this character from the book was the most fun to draw, he wasn't wrong.

If you don't know this book or Miki, you're really missing out, here's a link to his artists facebook page, hit the life drawing album, caricature album and obviously the Jolly Roger album, you'll leave inspired.

Anyways, that's me for this week. More next week. I'll have some more Carrie and Rufus work & something to go with em!