Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mandy, coz its Dean Yeagle's Bday 2day.

so i didnt post up anything last week, to make up for it, heres a B&W n sum colour this week.  just started doodling after dinner, ended up doodling Mandy, Dean Yeagle's character cause I'm a big fan n I found out this mornin due to the power of Facebook that its Deans Bday today. mucked around a bit with the half tone as well, just being playing with it a lot this last while, so i thought I'd jus continue to play with it as im havin a lot o fun with it. I liked the effect it gave the above  B&W. will try more things like it. hope it does Dean n Mandy sum justice.

Happy Bday Dean!  Thanks for all the years of inspiration!

n e ways until the next dose of inspiration, laters!

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