Friday, February 22, 2013

New Character, iPad Cover & a Commission

Hey folks,

 Sorry about not posting last week I was just swamped and spent more time running around meeting people than I got a chance to sit down and draw. I did post some material on Twitter and Facebook to tie me over until I got to posting this week.

 Soooooo here's a few things, a new character that I've been working on for quite a while, her name is Carrie and she fights zombies. We'll see more from here in a few weeks time in a small comic. I'll post it up intermittently as I knock out some comic test scripts first. Also since I got an iPad for Christmas and I previously drew up a cover for my iPhone ( see telephone Tess here)  I thought I'd draw a cover up for the iPad as well. Aaaaaand Im also gonna post a commission I finished this week. Any of you Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" fans might like my version of Rand Al'Thor. So lets get to posting the pictures, that's why you're all here anyways!

First of, Carrie and my iPad cover

 This is Carrie, some of you will have seen her last week on my twitter and facebook in a less rendered pic, here's the inks on her.

 I was originally going to have Carrie on her own on the cover but it didn't really win me over so I tried to come up with a few ideas. I thought about doing a regular zombie but that didn't win me over either so I thought about incorporating the iPad itself into the pic and thought well and well the idea of my iPad turning me into a mindless zombie when I'm using it sounded like a good idea. So here's me on the iPad.
Another zombie on the iPad, This one seemed to go down really well yesterday so I think I'll also do a iPad zombie series of sketches. Might just be my warm up sketches for a while
 A whole bunch of zombies on iPads... Just me or is there something really eerie about the glowing apple logo?
 here's a coloured Carrie
 and here's a blue Carrie, you'll see why I did this in a sec
 Aaaaaan here's what the back of the iPad cover will look like

 so here was an amalgamation of everything that just wasnt winning me over, i thought there was too much going on so i simplified it a little more

This worked waaaaaaay better for me but i thought that Carrie was a little Dark

Better so there's the cover and here's the back

Left my Bennessy Logo/Signature on her lower back like a tatt, originally I had it on the back of her coat ( cause I have it on the circles on of shoulder as well). This is just for the iPad cover Carrie doesnt really go around with the Bennessy Sig on her.

So that's the cover. And since I did post last week here's the super extra bonus post this week. Rand Al'Thor from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. i didnt know anything about this guy when i was asked to do the commission, Had a bit of fun with it after reading up on the character, hope you all dig it, the client liked it a bunch!

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