Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daredevil Samples

Struggling to do blog work, thought I'd have more this week. This was the only page worth posting as the rest are still scribbly blue pencils.  Between getting work finished before I start production again next week life is a bit messy at the mo but I'm still aiming to get the full test done by end of week next week. 

Here's page 1 of Daredevil v3 #1 written by Mark Waid, illustrated by ... I dunno yet and I'm avoiding finding out who/looking at the actual published pages aaaaaand any other sample pages posted online in case they hinder my illustrating of the story.   Hope my stuff holds up.

My earliest memories of DD are of him boxing in that yellow costume and in the 90's Spidey cartoon. In both those media a big deal is made of DD's gymnastic ability of sooooo I thought an MMA fighter who also does gymnastics would be a goof point of reference. Que one of my all time fav fighters GSP for reference. More to come soon, Hope you all dig.


Superhilbo! said...

sweet pencils Ben. Love getting to see this work! thanks for postin it up. :)

Unknown said...

Hey Ben, I was looking at your Daredevil concept art. I was thinking of an idea that you should incorporate MMA into Daredevils fighting style. You could write an original story piece to showcase this.I thought you might appreciate the idea.

Anonymous said...

I dig.

Bennessy said...

Thanks a mill Hilbo!

Cheers Graham, I've thought about doing something like that for a while actually. But illustrating it in a story that's not 100% focused on DD using MMA techniques makes for less engaging and exciting poses. Same reason why Bruce Lee 'Hollywood-ed' his fighting style in front of the camera. I usually try to find a good compromise that keeps the MMA fan and the artist in me happy.

Cheers Bladien!