Friday, March 8, 2013

R.I.P.Damian Wayne

Hi folks

Had one of those messy weeks this week and didn't get to finish the sample pages. They're almost there, one page left, but I want to post them all up together instead of dragging them out into 3 blog posts. Soooooo in the spirit of blogging at least once a week I do have something to post in the absence of the sample pages.

It was a sketch I started doing last night. Kind of a 'cool down' sketch after finishing work for the day. But yesterday I saw a new group on Facebook called the Irish Sketch Society you can see em here . So I decided I'd do something Batman themed.  What I scratched out is pretty much what you see here. And since it was a cool down drawing I really wasn't to pushed about anything too technical, just look at shapes and composition. Since Damian Wayne, the new Robin died last week I thought I would draw a grieving Batman.

So here's Batman outside his cave. Just spotted a dead robin, that could have been killed by one of the bats in his cave for all he knows. Obvious play with the colour red here for Robin, Batman almost with the blood on his hands the red leaves from the trees outside the cave to show his spirit flying away. 

Usually spend about 30 - 40 mins on a warm up drawing, spent about an hour on this.


Superhilbo! said...

nicely done Mr.Ben! :)

Anonymous said...

DC have killed another robin? Outrageous

Bennessy said...

thanks folks! yeah i know I kinda liked Damian too