Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a little inspirational experiment

I was mucking around tonight, didnt get n e thing drawn that I liked felt like i hit a block sooooooo, i tried drawing white on black, came up with this.  pretty happy

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mandy, coz its Dean Yeagle's Bday 2day.

so i didnt post up anything last week, to make up for it, heres a B&W n sum colour this week.  just started doodling after dinner, ended up doodling Mandy, Dean Yeagle's character cause I'm a big fan n I found out this mornin due to the power of Facebook that its Deans Bday today. mucked around a bit with the half tone as well, just being playing with it a lot this last while, so i thought I'd jus continue to play with it as im havin a lot o fun with it. I liked the effect it gave the above  B&W. will try more things like it. hope it does Dean n Mandy sum justice.

Happy Bday Dean!  Thanks for all the years of inspiration!

n e ways until the next dose of inspiration, laters!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Black cat in dat new style im using lately

Here's where that new job is taking me. Its making me use a realistic style over my usual cartooning.  Havin a lot o fun with this its nice to be challenged to do something new.   Its even nicer to rise to the occasion.  Here's hoping it keeps goin well, I'm really enjoying it.

The job has nutin to do with Black Cat  and noting to do with the marvel verse at all. This is me jus mucking around with a style im using professionally at the mo.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Muckin around with a lil bit o spare time again, (wasnt goin to post anything today but did cause i was aked to by Niki . Thanks a mill Niki!) i think the designs for all the characters in the Gorillaz are awesome! n yet ive never actually drawn them, so here's a sketch o 2-D.  Really just lashed this guy out had a lot o fun, ill prob draw the rest o the band eventually.   Hope u like it Niki!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yippee Kiyay Mother Fudger!

Yo was looking for sumthin to draw this mornin to warm up into an illustration for a book I'm doin, n after a load o looking up sum artists, Colman, comics, imagine fx, gris grimly, blogger, Niki's ( )  blog n stumbled on a post my mate Dan ( ) put up,

 These drawings he did r full o energy big twisted lines, some of my favourite drawings that he's dun n for the first time i looked at sumones sketches n thought, if i had to do that in my style how would i do it, wat wud it look like, wud i ruin the other persons sketches?  sooooooooooooooo i had a stab at convertin this guy into sumthin I'd draw.

He turned out v different, I was drawin cowboys at the weekend so I def went dwn the cowboy route with him ( instead of the introverted bus driver) n left out the crest on his t shirt, n changed his boots.  but kept the elongated neck n head, and I stretched him out a bit more.   I did a version o him with sum stubble, (i think cowboys shud have stubble) but keepin in with Dan's style i also did sum fresh faced sketches o him too. also liked how high Dan kept the hat sitting high on his head so i did that too, usually i have the hat covering the eyes n such.  My design looks a great deal darker than Dan's happy designs, but I'm pretty happy with the end results.  Cheers Dan!