Tuesday, May 31, 2011

21st Century Heroes

Above is cartoon I saw last month, in and around the time the SEALS got Bin Laden (duh!).  I just thought it was cool, so when anna picked the theme for this month, I thought I would do my own version of the piece. Just got informed that the artist of the original piece is J.D. Crowe.  It's such a powerful piece.

Turned out referencing these two guys was pretty tuff, couldn't find the same Helmet that's in the original one, but while looking I saw that the SEALS also used another hat so I thought I'd use that one (I was also pressed for time).  This is just my interpretation is all.  I put the two towers in the BG cause thats pretty much what I saw when I looked at the original, it's almost like America is complete again... I dunno, The cartoon really worked for me, just hope I did some kind of justice to it.

Kinda found the time to do this one from my breaks away from complete frustration, went back to pencilling a few pages l8ly for my folio and one day it just wouldnt click (one of those days), I didn't give, I just turned to the monthly post for a breather. I kinda feel like moving away from something can usually lead to a break through as well, so here's hoping the breakthrough will come... still waiting.

 I'll post those pages I'm pencilling up asap.

Also go check out the rest of the posts for this month here http://collectivethinkingblog.blogspot.com/ . theres a few up already and there will be more before the end of the day.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Doodling a crazy hobo

here's a doodle from my sketchbook, was workin on a crazy hobo theme for the monthly blog post but work got int the way of me finishing it (a good complaint).  but here's the doodle anyways, i was playing with the idea of one of those crunchy nut weirdos u see on the ads. this guy has just gotten so addicted to them he is now homeless, unshaven n unhealthy.

this is Eric. Eric was once a really successful business man, but now Eric has lost everything and has actually sold the shirt of his back just to get his hands on a box of crunchy nut corn flakes.  he is now the worst kind of junkie... a crunchy nut, poor Eric

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hip Hop - kids book

 Here's some teasers of the kids book I'm working on for Brent Pope. 

The above one i did for Brent, he brings round some of my art to readings for kids. The kids get him to sign the pictures so i did this one for him to  sign rather than just have a page from the book.

 This is a page, 3 of the boys wrassilin'!

Here's another page, sum monkey's making fun Of Hip hop