Thursday, March 18, 2010

a new post

yo guys sorry about the lack of posts, but i have a legit reason... work.  recently ive been up to my eyes. which is great cause being busy is the best complaint ever! esp in this recession.   so i cant put up a lot of the wrk ive been wrkin on for obvious reasons but heres sum wrk i can pop up. The thing is tho its a wrk in progress its no where near finished just the sketch (cleaned) and some colours im wrkin on. i tend to wrk strangley with colours due to my partial colourblindness.  it takes me a lil while to create a palette. so heres a piece im wrkin on that i can hopefully fill u all in on the details of the project in a few weeks.

bu heres sum wrk all drawn on sketchbook pro n coloured in the usual joys of ps