Thursday, March 18, 2010

a new post

yo guys sorry about the lack of posts, but i have a legit reason... work.  recently ive been up to my eyes. which is great cause being busy is the best complaint ever! esp in this recession.   so i cant put up a lot of the wrk ive been wrkin on for obvious reasons but heres sum wrk i can pop up. The thing is tho its a wrk in progress its no where near finished just the sketch (cleaned) and some colours im wrkin on. i tend to wrk strangley with colours due to my partial colourblindness.  it takes me a lil while to create a palette. so heres a piece im wrkin on that i can hopefully fill u all in on the details of the project in a few weeks.

bu heres sum wrk all drawn on sketchbook pro n coloured in the usual joys of ps



Superhilbo! said...

Nice work..lovely and clean. ARe you finding yourself enjoying it and becoming much easier? If ur meetin friday I'll pick ur brains on some bits and pieces...if u don't mind!?

Leeann H said...

That's great that you're kept busy - where are you working now? :) I'm sorry for missing that last Pegbar event too; college is the most major thing on my brain at the moment. D:<


Quality. I wish I could draw that good.

Bennessy said...

Thanks a mill Albinal!

no worries leeann theyll b more pegbars.

sorry about the l8 reply guys