Wednesday, January 20, 2010

concept piece

It wud appear that i havn't finished studying the area of shadows, i still have loads of ideas based on shadows and mirrored images. I'm revisiting one concept i came up with about a year ago and I've really started developing it in the last few weeks. It's about a boy who in the middle of a game of cowboys and indians shoots and accidently kills his shadow. The rest of the story focuses on the boy and we see how he continues his life without his shadow. Storyboards to come soon

heres a concept piece that I tru sum text on to help get the punchline across.


Hilbo said...

I love it...the cat is super cute. You seem to flow with this stuff, the energy is cool in it (even tho it is essentially a killin...i know i know). anyhoo, nice one.

Kevin Mc Namara said...

Thats an excellent concept man, really is!