Friday, June 28, 2013

Everything Is In Blue Pencils!!!

Sooo Friday post!

It's been a messy week with work so unfortunately not a lot to post up.

Everything, projects I'm working on in my own time and the work I'm doing professionally is either under NDA  or in rough blue pencils. I was hoping to clean up some of the blue pencils this morning but work got a little busy so I didn't get a chance to clean anything up ( and they REALLY need some cleaning up)

So I'm gonna stick up an oldie of Carrie and Rufus and a Hulk and Harley Quinn commission I did this week. Hope you dig em!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

In with The New, Out With The Old


Things have been a mixture of busy and messy these past two weeks, so only getting to blog now.

First off, here's the final version of the Fred's Got Slacks cover. Differences between this and the last WIP are the paints on her back, some hue changes and obviously font and background changes.

If you feel like adding some new tunes to your playlist check em out they're pretty class band! Here's a Link to their stuff, all the songs that are on this EP are here and there's a few more as well!  Give em a listen you'll be happy you did.

Before I go any further is should say a BIG congrats to my friend Miki who has just finished his book The Jolly Roger and it looks AMAZING! Be expecting some fan art here of his book The Jolly Roger soon, check out his work here . And another BIG congrats to Darrin & Shawn for getting Earthruler sorted over on Kickstarter anything you pledge from this point goes towards an extra special stretch award! Check that out!

And here's the next thing. This is something I've been toying around with for a while now and since well, what seems like ALL my friends are doing comics of their own now, I'm going to bite the bullet and get a comic of my own on the go.

 That's right John you'll no longer have to ask me when I'm going to bring out my own comic, it's happening.  I haven't chosen a name for the series yet but it's 8 issues of short stories about Carrie (the character above who you might remember from an earlier post ), and Rufus, the fox below.

It's early days yet, still writing the majority of it and still working on the designs. Rufus's design is essentially finished but I'm still playing with and trying different things with Carrie's design. But here it is, I've said here now and I will finish it.

Because I love post apocalyptic EVERYTHING! That's the kind of story this is going to be, where these two survivors happen upon each other by chance and grow to be a formidable duo against the dangers of the post apocalyptic world they now live in.  Yes, there will be zombies. I like zombies.

I'll post up my progress with it as I go along. I'm also working on two other comic related gig's at the moment. With two awesome writers and all around really sound blokes! Aaaand if I get their permission I'll hopefully have some character designs posted here next Friday. I'll also have some samples from a Northlanders sample script I'm working on at the mo.

So there it is, many irons in the fire, at least one's gotta come out with some kind of notice right? ... right? RIGHT?

so Sin é as we say here in Ireland. More to come really soon. Laters!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Shelter From the Storm

New piece up. Playing with black and whites again. Enjoyed this one, it's a bit different than stuff I've been working on lately, this was just a drawing for drawings sake.  Just about got this done today,

I was about to start work on a friends wedding card, looked over some old reference. I was always a big fan of Rodin's 'The Kiss', such an awkward pose for both people, so you get the idea that it's something that only lasts a second before one has to completely change their position. but the way they are just so entwined together really hammers home that feeling of 'one-ness'. Decided I'm gonna start doing some of my own versions on famous pieces I like ( big ask right?) for the mean time, here's a piece I've called 'Shelter From The Storm'... yes I was listening to Bob Dylan recently

Still blogging once a week! See yee next week!