Friday, July 22, 2011

Childhood hero

Alright so i figured yesterday that my main idea for the this months post is taking me a little longer to crack, so on the odd chance that it takes me a little longer to figure out than the months deadline here's something I knocked out this morning.

I think I was only kid to prefer Leo over Raph, I just thought he was the best. and when i thought about it as I was drawing this, there are some Leo and Spidey character similarities, that maybe the reason why I love both those guys. But if anyone ever aks i'll say its cause Leo had swords! :)

Tried something new with this as well. I like  the ink spatter and roughness of it all  i reckon ill do more of these in the future and also go on to take em a lot further, watch this space.

The other post im working on is obviously Spidey (there's no way I'd be leaving him out), he'll be done in a different style alltogether

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"Remember what master splinter thought us" - Leonardo

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hip Hop - Children's Book is FINISHED!

Here's some illustrations I did for a new children's book called 'The Hip Hop Opotamus". It's in collaboration with Brent Pope, all is left is printing it. I'll be sure to give an update when its in the shops.

I did a pitch for a cartoon series of the same characters with a great bunch of people, I'll post up the finished bible and animations as soon as they all get the go ahead.

Please pick up the book it's for a good cause. Brent and I want to do it for a suicide prevention group, when we decide on the particular group I'll let you know and you can support em all you want by buying as many copies as you want ;). 

Anyways I hope you like what you see, I posted up some more of the images, obviosuly i didnt post up all of em cause I want you to buy the book.

I'll in touch soon with the name of the charity that we have chosen, laters!