Saturday, January 29, 2011

Aliens, first contact

here's this months piece.  turns out that as soon as the aliens come down and start to blitz us, the only thing you can depend on is you robot butler. Kinda liked the idea to this one,  may do a short story or sumthin with it.  Kept it black & white for that monster movie feel

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Also im posting up on a new blog as well. theres a load of cool short stories and poems on it, the dudes are sound enough to let me draw on their blog. You'll find them at     check em out if u get the chance

Bad Santa - very late

Here's some very late posts for December, someone else in the group can pick a demotivational poster for me.  really enjoyed doing this, i might revist it later on and tweak the ending a little. it was drawn in a big rush as i didnt have any free time before christmas.  any kind of free time that i did have was spent getting christmas presents and general chrismassy stuff. and then during my hols i scored waaaaay more time off than i thought i would, so i spent it in Wexford, away from my laptop so i couldnt edit the drawings.  then as soon as i got back up it was hell for leather, so im only posting it up now.

Any ways here's my Bad Santa, sending a load o fake santa dummies down chimneys, with loads o fake blood so he can scare the living crap of those on the bad list... and maybe the good list too.