Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bad Santa - very late

Here's some very late posts for December, someone else in the group can pick a demotivational poster for me.  really enjoyed doing this, i might revist it later on and tweak the ending a little. it was drawn in a big rush as i didnt have any free time before christmas.  any kind of free time that i did have was spent getting christmas presents and general chrismassy stuff. and then during my hols i scored waaaaay more time off than i thought i would, so i spent it in Wexford, away from my laptop so i couldnt edit the drawings.  then as soon as i got back up it was hell for leather, so im only posting it up now.

Any ways here's my Bad Santa, sending a load o fake santa dummies down chimneys, with loads o fake blood so he can scare the living crap of those on the bad list... and maybe the good list too. 

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