Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Film, at long last

yo, I've wanted to put this up on my blog for a long time, it's finally finished the film fest circuit and I can now do what I want to it. I watch it today and I'm still 'reasonably' happy with it.

so here it is reprieved, I hope you like.


Yo guys

please pardon my absense again but i have been busy. ive actually been wrkin on a number of projects but most of which are still hush hush, and i cant post up n e of it yet, bu one of em i can.

these are designs i did for a series written by a friend of mine for a pitch to a company, so he can have sum visuals to go along with everything else he has, heres the wrk. I wont go into the story too much ( as i cant), but i was given pretty specific but generic character descriptions. so i stayed with what the creator asked for as much as i could, found out what way he wanted these characters designed , then redesigned if i went too far with the designs. But i was happy enuff with the end results, so here they are

i have loads more stuff to put up but i got to get my hands on an A3 scanner ( just means that ill go to Dans Gaff again) but i wont be able to put them up for bout 2 weeks r so as im going to New York! yep im off tomorrow for the big apple comic con! can wait!

until i get to post again,
all the best guys!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

BUsy busy busy

hey guys im jus puttin up a post here to say that ive got sum stuff to put up, its just that im in the middle of a lot o stuff right now n hvnt been able to post up any thing. not to worry tho coz there's loads on the way. sum work as usual n sum not so usuall n sum you wudnt even asscoc. with me. just stayin fresh!

n a by the by here, the new Peg Bar event is happening this Saturday i suggest you all go n check out the page http://www.pegbaraffair.blogspot.com/ and then go n check out the event! theres some great stuff happening and is the biggest event we have held so far. I hope to see you all there!

all the best


Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hey guys here's another piece that I had with me at the Derry con but i was reluctant to put it up coz i have the intentions to paint it. But considerin' this sketch was well received in Derry, i thought i'd put it up n e how.

So here's Wolverine, a character that i still want to develop sum more. I kinda started with the whole trying to make him look like a cat, to try n keep him feral lookin'. and i think i achieved that at one stage in my ruff work, but as soon as I went to add on his Chops, this gorilla look came out. He even looks more like a gorilla when i went and elongated his forearms (purely just so i cud go n give him sum pretty long claws). And in fairness i like where im goin with it. But i do want to make him shorter and stockier, for me he's still too tall right now. So watch this space for a stocky, gorilla lookin painted Wolverine in the near future.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Derry Con

Hey guys, just posting up sum work i did for the Derry comic con/ the 2D Fest
( http://www.2dfestival.com/). here's 2 pieces that i was selling at the con. turns out i could've dun with more Marcus prints, unsurprisingly there's a huge demand for n e thing that's Gears of War.

And here's a virtually unknown character but fills the category of comic book tottie. This is 10/ Melenie from the Batman beyond cartoon. i think I'm one of few people who actually liked this cartoon, but I'm definitely one of few people who even knows of this character. There's a great relationship going on between her and Terry/Batman, u know a kind of Romeo and Juliet theme. Any way Mel is part of the royal flush gang a group o baddies who dress up like playing cards, and so i did a lil playing card idea on this piece.

any way the con was great, it was the first time i was busy the whole day doing sketches for people. I actually had a que for a while and had to make a list, sadly not being used to a demand for sketches there was one or two people that i just couldn't do sketches for as the con closed up, sorry guys. But I had a blast and i think all the guys from Longstone comics did too, Dee (http://www.puredaft-delineavit.blogspot.com/)was even in one o the panels on the Friday. I think we all have our sights on going back again.

All the best guys

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ultimate Spider-man, #119, test script

Okay so here's a fully finished test sript. I really enjoyed this one too, i felt that these characters kinda suited my animated style a bit more. I had tons of fun wrkin on the designs, and this was the first time i ever had to draw double page spreads, which was also pretty fun.

The basic story here is, (and emphasis on basic) all the guys are out having a laugh, all of a sudden one of them bursts into a ball of flames, everybody is sorta stunned by it, as nobody knew that Liz had mutant abilities. Johny storm kinda gets the blame for it, n then he has to go n do sum Fantastic 4 work. Admist all of the confusion we see that Kong tells Peter that he knows Peter is Spider-man which leads to more confusion. Spidey and Iceman catching up with Liz and having a long talk trying to hellp Liz come to terms with her new powers. And then we have a big intro From Magneto! Gud stuff!

Oh yeh n i almost forgot to mention. Liz (the girl whos on fire) tries to cover herself up thru most of my take on this script for a gud reason. As most of us who read comics know and are used to fire and all kinds of other powers naturally covering the body, but Liz the character does not know this. She has just turned into a big ball of flames infront of her friends all her clothes were burnt so it would be a natural reaction for her and anybody else to try and cover themselves up. as the story progresses you will see her not trying to cover herself up as by that stage she has realised that she does not need to. that is all.

so here's the test scripts , n here's hoping.

The Punisher #55 test script

This is The Punisher #55, it's part of a trial script i've been workin on, its one of the opening scenes, i'll get into this n finish it off pretty soon.

I had a lot of fun with this, its Frank n Nick in a bar, Frank being his normal 'too cool for school' self n Nick is getting pissed, and is pretty ticked off about the war n starts a fight that ends with him goin tru a window. Gud healthy fun.

I'm a big MMA fan so when the script asked for a number of hard lookin people sitting at the bar, i characatured sum of the MMA greats. From left to right theres Anderson Silva, Rampage Jackson, Randy 'The natural' Couture, Ken Shamrock and Wanderlei Silva. im happy with the characatures as everybody has been able to identify em almost immediately. Im also very happy with pages there some of the best I've dun to d8.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Animal Studies

As expected not really get much time to get sum new exciting stuff dun so here's a few zoo studies i still refer to every once in a while for as bit o inspiration. I kinda like my line in these despite my sense of weight being a lil flimsy, ... i love the way monkeys move n vary between looks of curiousity, boredom and mischievious. They're awesome

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here's a quickie that i did today on my awesome A3 Wacom. Im a huge Gears fan, n i really enjoy drawin Marcus. I think i'll wrk on finishing this at a l8r d8

Monday, April 6, 2009

Aplomb Sketches 2

And here's Apomb. He's a really interesting character. He's got his own version of justice, that police like Jim and Staunton have to take a stand against. Aplomb has taken a lot o study n trying to make the story and characters adhere to our own world a lil easier he's "uniform" is a variety of numerous available and practical items of clothing. Body armour similar to the canterbury stuff, "Gi", Tabi boots, Balaclava, and MMA gloves( sumwhat inspired by Ryu).

He's extremely intelligent, extremely interesting, excells in MMA, u'll also see him with Kali knives.

Considerin' hes a vigilante (and all the things he's goin to do) he's got to be pretty buff. But at the mo im favouring him being more toned than buff. I like this one here, this flat rectangular shape, im oin to explore this a lil more. But at the same time he's got to be big. he HAS to be incredibly intimidating.

My m8 Eamon wants him to move like a dancer, quite elegantly so im getin stuck into that idea and trying to incorporate it in the Kali knife system

Aplomb Sketches

Aliright heres sum long over due post. I did these sketches around the summer, its a great script that my m8 Eamon has written and I really hope to finish these designs soon and get stuck into this comic. Its a great collaboration and theres sum really great ideas in it.

Heres Jim. he's tons of fun to draw and he's one o those guys that i almost got completely right on the first draft. He takes a lil after Donald Sutherland.

This next guy is Staunton. He's Jims partner, he's an all around nice guy, just trying to get by and live as gud a life as he can. He's the only person Jim gets on with. Stauntons design still needs a lot o work.

May and Nancy, well... May and Jim have a fairly disturbing and strange history, thats all i say on that for the time being. as for her design im still not sure where to go, ive got a millon sketches ranging from her looking similar as she does her to being asian. i got to sort out a finished design for her soon.

Nancy is Stauntons wife, whos been very sick ever since herself and Staunton have had triplets, which kinda leaves Staunton a lot to deal with.

Longstone Comics' "Planet Dave"

This was a cool lil story that was written by Peter Loftus a friend of mine at the Longstone comics group, and later inked by Gavin Marks another good friend of mine.

This story was done for the Free Comic Book Day. And we (Longstone Comics) have another publication on the way, and this one looks even better. The story is about Mankind sometime in the near future trying to populate other worlds. Only to be foiled by a scientist working in the organistaion that deals with the sperm and egg samples from the the best of the best that Mankind has to offer. It was the first time I ever did n e thing Sci-fi n i really enjoyed it.

Planet Dave Pencils

The break up

Here's the silent conversation part of my folio that i presented to Marvel, I shud have sed earlier that the Spidey pages were 5 pages of action.

The break up

comics, comics, comics n the odd sketch or two

Hey guys

Ive been up to my eyes l8ly wrking on so many projects at the mo. The one taking up the most time is wrking on sum trial scripts for Marvel. ( fingers and toes crossed itll wrk out) so its taking up almost all of my time, n i hvnt put up my "With Aplomb" comic that im wrkin with a friend o mine, nor have I put up the other stories im wrkin on for more comics and other short animations.

I have however been able to make the lil changes that the Awesome Ed Hooks advised me on at the Animex fest. to my film Reprieved, that i can put up on my blog round November according to the festival circut.

so what im puttin up is the folio that i showed C.B. of Marvel at the comic con. It shows a short Spidey comic and a couple comic and a comic I worked on with my great friends at Longstone comics.

Heres The Spidey Story I did. I'll post the others in a separate post. Hope u like

Spidey V. Green Goblin