Monday, April 6, 2009

Aplomb Sketches

Aliright heres sum long over due post. I did these sketches around the summer, its a great script that my m8 Eamon has written and I really hope to finish these designs soon and get stuck into this comic. Its a great collaboration and theres sum really great ideas in it.

Heres Jim. he's tons of fun to draw and he's one o those guys that i almost got completely right on the first draft. He takes a lil after Donald Sutherland.

This next guy is Staunton. He's Jims partner, he's an all around nice guy, just trying to get by and live as gud a life as he can. He's the only person Jim gets on with. Stauntons design still needs a lot o work.

May and Nancy, well... May and Jim have a fairly disturbing and strange history, thats all i say on that for the time being. as for her design im still not sure where to go, ive got a millon sketches ranging from her looking similar as she does her to being asian. i got to sort out a finished design for her soon.

Nancy is Stauntons wife, whos been very sick ever since herself and Staunton have had triplets, which kinda leaves Staunton a lot to deal with.

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