Monday, April 6, 2009

comics, comics, comics n the odd sketch or two

Hey guys

Ive been up to my eyes l8ly wrking on so many projects at the mo. The one taking up the most time is wrking on sum trial scripts for Marvel. ( fingers and toes crossed itll wrk out) so its taking up almost all of my time, n i hvnt put up my "With Aplomb" comic that im wrkin with a friend o mine, nor have I put up the other stories im wrkin on for more comics and other short animations.

I have however been able to make the lil changes that the Awesome Ed Hooks advised me on at the Animex fest. to my film Reprieved, that i can put up on my blog round November according to the festival circut.

so what im puttin up is the folio that i showed C.B. of Marvel at the comic con. It shows a short Spidey comic and a couple comic and a comic I worked on with my great friends at Longstone comics.

Heres The Spidey Story I did. I'll post the others in a separate post. Hope u like

Spidey V. Green Goblin

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Alex said...

That is some sexy drawings right duuuuuuuuuuurrrr