Monday, April 6, 2009

Aplomb Sketches 2

And here's Apomb. He's a really interesting character. He's got his own version of justice, that police like Jim and Staunton have to take a stand against. Aplomb has taken a lot o study n trying to make the story and characters adhere to our own world a lil easier he's "uniform" is a variety of numerous available and practical items of clothing. Body armour similar to the canterbury stuff, "Gi", Tabi boots, Balaclava, and MMA gloves( sumwhat inspired by Ryu).

He's extremely intelligent, extremely interesting, excells in MMA, u'll also see him with Kali knives.

Considerin' hes a vigilante (and all the things he's goin to do) he's got to be pretty buff. But at the mo im favouring him being more toned than buff. I like this one here, this flat rectangular shape, im oin to explore this a lil more. But at the same time he's got to be big. he HAS to be incredibly intimidating.

My m8 Eamon wants him to move like a dancer, quite elegantly so im getin stuck into that idea and trying to incorporate it in the Kali knife system

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Hilbo said...

Nice one Ben! Your blog is lookin alive and well and I love the fact that you've put up your pencils on it. Any one of these that you would like to have as a profile for the website? Gonna sort this out during the week and get it lookin better!