Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hey guys here's another piece that I had with me at the Derry con but i was reluctant to put it up coz i have the intentions to paint it. But considerin' this sketch was well received in Derry, i thought i'd put it up n e how.

So here's Wolverine, a character that i still want to develop sum more. I kinda started with the whole trying to make him look like a cat, to try n keep him feral lookin'. and i think i achieved that at one stage in my ruff work, but as soon as I went to add on his Chops, this gorilla look came out. He even looks more like a gorilla when i went and elongated his forearms (purely just so i cud go n give him sum pretty long claws). And in fairness i like where im goin with it. But i do want to make him shorter and stockier, for me he's still too tall right now. So watch this space for a stocky, gorilla lookin painted Wolverine in the near future.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Derry Con

Hey guys, just posting up sum work i did for the Derry comic con/ the 2D Fest
( here's 2 pieces that i was selling at the con. turns out i could've dun with more Marcus prints, unsurprisingly there's a huge demand for n e thing that's Gears of War.

And here's a virtually unknown character but fills the category of comic book tottie. This is 10/ Melenie from the Batman beyond cartoon. i think I'm one of few people who actually liked this cartoon, but I'm definitely one of few people who even knows of this character. There's a great relationship going on between her and Terry/Batman, u know a kind of Romeo and Juliet theme. Any way Mel is part of the royal flush gang a group o baddies who dress up like playing cards, and so i did a lil playing card idea on this piece.

any way the con was great, it was the first time i was busy the whole day doing sketches for people. I actually had a que for a while and had to make a list, sadly not being used to a demand for sketches there was one or two people that i just couldn't do sketches for as the con closed up, sorry guys. But I had a blast and i think all the guys from Longstone comics did too, Dee ( even in one o the panels on the Friday. I think we all have our sights on going back again.

All the best guys