Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Derry Con

Hey guys, just posting up sum work i did for the Derry comic con/ the 2D Fest
( http://www.2dfestival.com/). here's 2 pieces that i was selling at the con. turns out i could've dun with more Marcus prints, unsurprisingly there's a huge demand for n e thing that's Gears of War.

And here's a virtually unknown character but fills the category of comic book tottie. This is 10/ Melenie from the Batman beyond cartoon. i think I'm one of few people who actually liked this cartoon, but I'm definitely one of few people who even knows of this character. There's a great relationship going on between her and Terry/Batman, u know a kind of Romeo and Juliet theme. Any way Mel is part of the royal flush gang a group o baddies who dress up like playing cards, and so i did a lil playing card idea on this piece.

any way the con was great, it was the first time i was busy the whole day doing sketches for people. I actually had a que for a while and had to make a list, sadly not being used to a demand for sketches there was one or two people that i just couldn't do sketches for as the con closed up, sorry guys. But I had a blast and i think all the guys from Longstone comics did too, Dee (http://www.puredaft-delineavit.blogspot.com/)was even in one o the panels on the Friday. I think we all have our sights on going back again.

All the best guys


Kevin Mc Namara said...

good job!

Superhilbo! said...

love that pic...gotta get it off you next week - will you take sterling or euros Mr. Ben?

Ian Navarro said...

I'm totally diggin' your Marcus pic.....looks great:)

Grace Chan said...

Yeah, that marcus is lookin really good.