Monday, February 9, 2009


sorry about my absense, no excuses, bu heres my showreel, maybe soon ill put up my graduate film, "Reprieved". It's doing the festival circut at the mo and has been screened in France and the Czech Rep. with great reviews. I'm delighted and really proud to hear that it's doing so well.

and if you guys are keeping in touch with the pegbar blog u'll see that we got to Animex last week. And not only did i get to lectures from Ed Hooks( and Mark Walsh, who's also a bit of a legend), but Ed Hooks was nice enough to look at my film "Reprieved". he enjoyed it and said it was a good piece of storytelling and that sorta made my week.

Theres a few scenes from it in my showreel at the mo. bear in mind this reel is currently being updated, but im reasonably happy with the work displayed.


Niki Kehoe said...

bout time you uploaded alright!!!

Superhilbo! said...

and his blog is alive!!!...yippee! nice showreel - now make sure you keep this feckin thing updated ya muppet!

Deirdre de Barra said...

Since the chicks are kickin' Ben-butt, I don't wanna be left out! Lovin' the penguin on your show reel, and especially diggin' the shopping centre music.
There are no excuses, but then I'm no one to talk!