Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey Guys sorry about not being on this more but ive been floating between Wexford and Dublin, n i just havnt got any where near a scannar, but i shud pretty soon and i have a load of material to put on the Blog so please stay tuned.

Any way Peg Bar!

Peg Bar is a new animation event taking place in Dublin, Ireland. Any body with an interest in art is welcome to attend. It's on upstairs in Murrays on O'Connell St. on the 7th of August 08. There will be shortfilms/showreels on 2 projector screens and 7 widescreen t.v.'s. It is not a screening event or an animation festival, its just a night where anyone with an interest in animation can show up have a few drinks with their mates and have the choice of showing their work or just looking at other peoples work.

Its Free, to attend, just those who will be showing work on the screens will be asked a donation of 6 - 10 euros. And there will be a selection of work shown from Irish and UK artists.

If you have any questions feel free to use the comments section, ill get bask to u asap.

The event has been organised by Ben Hennessy, Daniel Spencer, Anna O'Sullivan and Ben Harper and we hope to see you there.


Niki Kehoe said...

You have a blog page????! Why is it so hard to find people on this damn thing!!!

Leeann H said...

I have to get to the next one, even if I chew my own leg off to do it! D:

Seriously, I've been so out of the loop since I left BallyF. :(