Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yo guys

please pardon my absense again but i have been busy. ive actually been wrkin on a number of projects but most of which are still hush hush, and i cant post up n e of it yet, bu one of em i can.

these are designs i did for a series written by a friend of mine for a pitch to a company, so he can have sum visuals to go along with everything else he has, heres the wrk. I wont go into the story too much ( as i cant), but i was given pretty specific but generic character descriptions. so i stayed with what the creator asked for as much as i could, found out what way he wanted these characters designed , then redesigned if i went too far with the designs. But i was happy enuff with the end results, so here they are

i have loads more stuff to put up but i got to get my hands on an A3 scanner ( just means that ill go to Dans Gaff again) but i wont be able to put them up for bout 2 weeks r so as im going to New York! yep im off tomorrow for the big apple comic con! can wait!

until i get to post again,
all the best guys!

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