Friday, July 22, 2011

Childhood hero

Alright so i figured yesterday that my main idea for the this months post is taking me a little longer to crack, so on the odd chance that it takes me a little longer to figure out than the months deadline here's something I knocked out this morning.

I think I was only kid to prefer Leo over Raph, I just thought he was the best. and when i thought about it as I was drawing this, there are some Leo and Spidey character similarities, that maybe the reason why I love both those guys. But if anyone ever aks i'll say its cause Leo had swords! :)

Tried something new with this as well. I like  the ink spatter and roughness of it all  i reckon ill do more of these in the future and also go on to take em a lot further, watch this space.

The other post im working on is obviously Spidey (there's no way I'd be leaving him out), he'll be done in a different style alltogether

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"Remember what master splinter thought us" - Leonardo


Ray said...

This is cool Ben - love the way blue is the only colour , nice!

Jason Groarke said...

Very cool. How to join your Collective Thinking Blog?

Colm Griffin said...

You weren't the only kid. Leo was the beast and he could beat Raph any day

Bennessy said...

Cheers Ray! just seemed like the right thing to do

i'll sort u out now Jason!

Awesome! n Yes fuckin' anyday! did u see the revamp of Leo's character in the 'newer' series? really good Leo went awol, scarred himself for life in a fight (missing a piece of his shell) got kinda dark after, i really liked it.

Superhilbo! said...

nice one Ben...god, between you and the rest of the gang there is a serious 'blast from the past' on some childrens stuff. Things I'd completely forgotten about!'s fun recollecting them. :)

Bennessy said...

fun drawing them too!

Jon said...

Good topic this month, right enough.

Dave said...

My favourite Turtle was Donatello but Leonardo is the coolest! Well done guy!!!