Friday, June 7, 2013

Shelter From the Storm

New piece up. Playing with black and whites again. Enjoyed this one, it's a bit different than stuff I've been working on lately, this was just a drawing for drawings sake.  Just about got this done today,

I was about to start work on a friends wedding card, looked over some old reference. I was always a big fan of Rodin's 'The Kiss', such an awkward pose for both people, so you get the idea that it's something that only lasts a second before one has to completely change their position. but the way they are just so entwined together really hammers home that feeling of 'one-ness'. Decided I'm gonna start doing some of my own versions on famous pieces I like ( big ask right?) for the mean time, here's a piece I've called 'Shelter From The Storm'... yes I was listening to Bob Dylan recently

Still blogging once a week! See yee next week!

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