Friday, May 31, 2013

Fred's Got Slacks WIP

So as promised, a new blog post.

This is still a work in progress but I really wanted to keep the weekly blog posts going so here's Fred, she wears slacks REALLY well! A mate of mine asked me to do an album cover for their band Fred's Got Slacks ( awesome name right? ) You can check out some of their stuff here .

It took me an AGE to get around to it but I finally am. Pretty happy with how it's going so far, when it's finished, I'll post up the final piece.

Really enjoying doing my black & whites lately so here's another!

And here's the colour in progress. More to come soon. I'm hoping to get a bit more time next week to work on some new blog stuff as well, between trying to get to the 2D Fest this weekend and clearing out work for it, it was next to impossible to do a whole lot more this week.

Anyways go enjoy the bank holiday weekend, I'll see you all next week! Laters!

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