Friday, May 24, 2013

Back to Blogging!

Hi folks apologies for the lack of posts there for a while but work has a way of taking up a lot of time. Here's some stuff I've done recently. Hope you dig em!

Here's Raph,

There was a TMNT week over at the Irish Sketch Society last week, I submitted this guy late in the week and some of you might remember my Leo pic from a while back? I'll actually draw the rest of the TMNT team and have a complete set over the next few weeks... ah sure what the hell I'll repost Leo here, Raph looks lonely.

Was pretty happy this week when I noticed Rob Paulsen ( the original voice or Raph, current voice of Donny and you'll know him as Pinky from Pinky and the Brain & Yakko from the Animaniacs and many many others) had actually RT'd my pic of Raph, I was delighted, I'm a big fan!

And here's another piece I knocked out this week.

It's Agent Moss from my friend Stephen Mooney's new comic Half Past Danger.  I really recommend you check it out! If you like Indiana Jones and just wished it had DINOSAURS then you're in for a treat! Check it out here and if you can't make it to your local comic shop you'll find it on comixology.

Hope you dig all the pics, I'll blog again next Friday! See you then !

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