Friday, April 19, 2013

Storyboards for Chloe's Closet

Yo, got the ok on posting up some of my pro work.

Big shout out to Telegael, Moonscoop, Kids Workout Factory and KIKA who own the copyright to all the images you are about to see. It was a real pleasure working on this. You'll see each studios Logo above the boards, if you're not familiar with them I recommend you check them out, they were great to work with. 

Hope you dig looking at my boards, I think this is the first time I've posted any of my pro boards on the blog. Which is kinda weird considering I've been storyboarding for about 5 years now.

In case you have never seen Chloe's Closet before here's an idea of what it's like.  The cartoon itself is about Chloe and her friends who are able to go into an imaginary world based on what costume is in her wardrobe. It's a little like Narnia meets Mr. Benn ( Remember that cartoon? )

Any ways here they are, I've displayed them in a way where you can scroll through them easily using blogger, this way you can follow the action clearly. There's about a 115 images here so i figure easiest way to view em is the best

Here's the opening of the cartooon, the kids learn how to tie their shoes

Then the wardrobe lights up and the kids sing and find out where their imagination is going to take them today

The kids are Gauchos ( a type of cowboy) and they go on to meet the the Lead Gaucho who owns the ranch behind them

This passage has the whole team meeting up so they can start their Gaucho training

Chloe and Lovely Carrot ( her flying duck friend) try to round up a cow

One of the Gauchos is worried that she wont make the cut, Chloe consoles her and tells her she'll do everything she can to help her become a Gaucho

That's all im going to show. Again a bit thank you to Telegael, Moonscoop, Kids Workout Factory and KIKA for letting me show their copyrighted material.

Hope you all dig em, They're some of my fav boards that I've done to date.


Superhilbo! said...

Aw man, I LOOOOOOVE these so much! They're so cute! Probably not a word you want to hear but the characters are drawn so beautifully.
Ace job Ben, and delighted you shared, they're so much fun to go through...thanks! :)

Bennessy said...

Not at all, really went for the cute factor here, thanks a mill!

Dan said...

Savage work Ben, looking at my boards now in shame

anithingartist said...

Really Nice Ben. we watch it in our house. 4 yr old loves it. Paul Tylak is great in it also. :)

Scribbler said...

Nice work man. Really impressed. Love doin kids stuff.

Bennessy said...

Dan, you're work is STELLAR! Cheers man!

Hahaha class love hearing when a show is well received, thanks David!

Means a lot coming from you Tom, thanks a mill!