Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yippee Kiyay Mother Fudger!

Yo was looking for sumthin to draw this mornin to warm up into an illustration for a book I'm doin, n after a load o looking up sum artists, Colman, comics, imagine fx, gris grimly, blogger, Niki's ( )  blog n stumbled on a post my mate Dan ( ) put up,

 These drawings he did r full o energy big twisted lines, some of my favourite drawings that he's dun n for the first time i looked at sumones sketches n thought, if i had to do that in my style how would i do it, wat wud it look like, wud i ruin the other persons sketches?  sooooooooooooooo i had a stab at convertin this guy into sumthin I'd draw.

He turned out v different, I was drawin cowboys at the weekend so I def went dwn the cowboy route with him ( instead of the introverted bus driver) n left out the crest on his t shirt, n changed his boots.  but kept the elongated neck n head, and I stretched him out a bit more.   I did a version o him with sum stubble, (i think cowboys shud have stubble) but keepin in with Dan's style i also did sum fresh faced sketches o him too. also liked how high Dan kept the hat sitting high on his head so i did that too, usually i have the hat covering the eyes n such.  My design looks a great deal darker than Dan's happy designs, but I'm pretty happy with the end results.  Cheers Dan!


Niki Kehoe said...

brilliant!! :D really lovin this guy! He's a really interesting character. You should write a short story to put him in.

Superhilbo! said...

Sweet job Ben. Confident lines and nicely developed!...and I love the new signature, or at least I never saw it as strong as that before! :)

Bennessy said...

thanks a mill!

no thats the same sig ive always had jus didnt use a smaller brush to sign it with this time round that all

tinylittlesandra said...

Man, these look awesome! Love the stubble one. Really great :)

Bennessy said...

Thanks a mill Sandra! I quite like the stubble one too