Friday, March 29, 2013

Wolverine iPad Pic

Yooo! Apologies for not posting anything last week but the man flu was placing a pretty decent rear naked choke on my ability to do anything. And I was so busy this week playing catch up I didn't get to do anything outside of work for the blog. I can actually count the hours spent on the drawing board for myself this week on one finger :P buuuuuuuut I remembered late last night that I hadn't finished that Wolverine pic I started on my iPad. So I thought, why not finish and post that?!

So here it is. It was such an experiment from start to finish I kinda feel that that's what I'm left here, and experiment where I started drawing Wolverine and then tried doing a BG, both seem a little distant to each other. I'm pretty aware now of what I can get from the iPad so the next iPad pic I post will be a more rounded set of images.

Drawing on Sketchbook Pro, played with in a PS express and WrapCam and a griffin stylus was used



Pure, unadulterated, awesomeness.

Bennessy said...

thanks man!