Friday, July 26, 2013

Pacific WIN!

Hey folks,

Started this late last night so it's only a work in progress.

Went to go see Pacific Rim this week. Holy Wow, I don't think I've had as much fun in the cinema in aaaaaaaaages! Really enjoyed it, if you haven't seen it I recommend that you do before it's out of the cinema, it's definitely a film that deserves a watch on the BIG screen. 

Reasons to go see this film - GIANT Monsters fighting GIANT robots, one of the best omoplatas you'll ever see MMA & Jui Jitsu fans, All of the Action, if you like anything post apocalyptic, FUN, cheesey dialogue & end of the world speeches, if you're a del Toro fan and if you like watching people stick fight! That's right it's got all these and waaaaaay more so I thought I'd throw my hand at some Pacific Rim fan art.

Here's Mako, she's pretty class in fight, as long as she's got that staff she might even beat Ronda Rousey.

As I said it's just a work in progress at the mo, I'll try finish it for the blog next week!

Hope yee dig it

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