Friday, July 12, 2013

Ben's Doodles!


So here's more Carrie & Rufus, I wasn't going to post anything about them this week but this sort of transpired throughout the week.

Those of you who know me know I'm a massive David Colman fan, if you don't know about his stuff check him out here, the mans got skills. He did those great designs for Class of 3000, there was no straight lines in the designs, which kinda blew my mind!

And just for a change in the studio lately, I have a pic of his up by my work desk, it's one of my fav's, here it is.

So I've just been doodling pics of Carrie and Rufus in similar poses, while being on the phone, taking a little break or just trying to warm up. This pic constantly in front of me so I thought maybe I'd try my hand at doing my own rendition or homage so to speak with Carrie and Rufus. And so here it is

There yeh go, David Colman, still and continues to be one of my greatest influences.

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