Monday, June 28, 2010

more iphone gestural stuff

Another gestural sketch from my iphone. I spent ages on this one to tell truth, cleanin up on the iphone with sum clumsy man hands aint easy.  this is of a girl i saw on friday, cool dress sense, very cool pose and expression that sed "i dont care".  im goin to try n draw sum more of her  im def goin to draw full body complete pose, ive actually never seen n e 1 sit at a bus stop using a pillar and stop sign to prop herself up and actually look very comfortabel b4.

i doubt my iphone drawings will ever b this clean again this took a lot o patience, did an awful lot more drawin with the eraser than n e thin else. i ended up using my laptop on a few lil bits but i wudnt let myself do too much, felt like i was cheatin r sumthin. def more of this kind o stuff to come


Niki Kehoe said...

deadly! the pose is great!

tinylittlesandra said...

Hey, your getting good at this i-phone stuff! I love the life drawings below, and the drawings you did for the Art and Hobby Shop are super sweeeeet!

Great work all round man, sorry I ant been by till now, its all just been nuts - will see you soon though, for you know what! ;)

tinylittlesandra said...
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Bennessy said...

Thanks a mill Niki, and thanks a mill Sandra! Beers n Toy story! Cant wait, Im in wrk til 4 that day but if u ring Niki ill meet up with u yee at the screening!