Friday, June 4, 2010

figure studies

Trying to do more n more of these I don't usually post these up but I'm relatively happy with this one.  Especially since it was dun on the bus ( the gud oul 46a) n i hate drawing on the bus cause of all the bumps etc i usually get the worst linequality in the world!  n the line quality in this isn't at all the best could be but, I'm doing these more n more just make my library of designs grow.  Some people in Dublin (esp the women and even more so now that the sun is out) have an amazing dress sense and I'm just trying to see all the shapes, cuts n colours that I can so I can use em in my designs. I'll post up sum more soon whether they r gud r bad


Superhilbo! said...

I love the face in is so chilled out and beautifully done. Nice one Ben.

Gabriel Marsh said...

Thiis is a great post