Friday, August 6, 2010

Thanks for all the gud times Sketchpad

I'm just about to retire my current sketchpad. Its just about done.  I was trying to leave it at home a lot more lately so I'd be forced to do sum gestural stuff on my iphone, but 9/10 times the pad is with me.  Sssoooooooooo here's a load o sketches from the pad, sum wobbly drawings that are done on the bus, on my break, or just trying to think something out.  Also there's a lot o stuff in it from pegbar meetings and studio work, so there's prob sum scrawlly writting on the reverse side of the page showing through the drawings.

Figure study of a guy in Dun Laoghaire using a Japanese brush pen. I try to get these lashed out on the page in about 20 to 30 seconds. Definitely not one of my best, struggling to do sum gestural stuff with the brush pen, I think I get too sloppy with it, esp if i have to draw quickly. Having a lot o fun with those pens tho. I'll post up sum stuff I have done with them thats good soon.

Another one from the same day, this one is slightly better but still not great.

This one's not bad, it was done in my fav pub in Dublin while I was waiting for a few mates. Just thought the girl was really interesting.

Here's a quicky I did of Spidey, doodled this while I was on my lunch in Kavaleer.

Back on the bus again.  Gud oul 46a, its such a pity I hate drawing on the bus.

Thinkin something out, didnt like it.

Still trying to think it out. Started to get better, still not right.  I'm pretty happy with the shape on that neck tho.

GRRRRRRRRRR!   Obv liked this character at the time. Originally he was meant for something, but now I'm not so sure.

And here's one I did that was the 1/10 time that I didnt have my sketchbook with me.

Hulk Smash!

Thanks a mill Sketchbook *shakes Sketchbooks hand and passes on a golden watch*, u were awesome.

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