Thursday, September 27, 2012

HULK Test Script

Alright so As promised this week a new blog post. 

The DICE con is on this weekend ( If you don't know about the DICE con go here )so I thought I'd draw up some new pages.  It's from Marvel Adventures Hulk #6 -NAMOR. It's probably the only test script I have left on the computer so I'm gonna have to get some more and do a lot more of these of the next few months.  

Just worked on my pencils here as that's pretty much the gig I'm trying to get. I wanted to knock out another page but I won't get a chance before Saturday with my storyboard job needing some serious attention, at the moment.  Some of you might recognise the first page from ICN, just changed it up here, I think for the better. Also on 2nd look I'm not so content with the last panel on the first page might even just leave that page out, I'll try fix that up next week, time permitting.

Hope you guys dig, wish me luck. Laters!


Mansloth said...

Lovely work bro, nice clean storytelling. Bit a Ramos in you :)

Bennessy said...

Cheers man. Yeah I used to reference his stuff a lot. I've been checking out didier crisse lately tho, he's having a huuuuuge impact on my style. If u don't know him check him out you'll dig the work