Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guest spot in Tommy Kelly's 'The Holy Numbers"

Hi folks,

Long time no post. Apologies I've been crazy busy lately buuuuuut I'll have another post next week of some new sample pages I'm working on. So I'm hoping these two quick posts will make up for the lack of posts lately, I'll get way more on top of that and post monthly if not every fortnight.

But right now, my friend Tommy has just put up the latest installment of his online comic "The Holy Numbers". A few weeks ago he asked me to do a Pin up for his next issue.  Here it is, I'm posting it up now as he has now put out the book which you can go here and pick it up. At the moment it's FREE I don't know how long it's going to stay that way so pick it up while the going is good!

If you dig Tommy's comic check out his work on the website above, you can find him on twitter and if you are a Reddit user you can get The Holy Numbers there as well.

See you guys next week when I put up the Sample pages. Thanks a mill for all the views I really appreciate it!