Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sketchbook Doodles

So it's been a while since I posted anything. Believe me I have good reasons but lets get started with some new posts. Since I haven't had the time to do any finished or digital work outside of the studios/jobs I'm working in at the mo, I'm going to post up drawings from my sketchpad to keep the blog more active. These drawing range from good to fail, some are just ideas, me exploring a shape anything really. So here goes a few doodles and I'll talk about em as I go. If you follow me on twitter, you'll have seen most of these before but there are some new ones that I've only done in the last day or so that I haven't tweeted or anything with other than post here. Hope you like.

These three heads are three figure studies I did while waiting for a friend. Goes to show it's always handy to keep a sketchbook with you at all times. these range from about 3 to 5 mins

 Just wouldn't be a sketchbook of mine without some Spidey doodles

Another figure study. Saw this guy on the bus, pretty happy with the shapes I used in this. And considering it was drawn on the bus, pretty happy with the line quality too.

Random eye in my Pad... my 'eyePad' a hur hur hur

Seen this guy reading the paper on the bus. I was really pushed for time on this one as I almost had to get off at my stop, pretty happy with it tho even if it is rushed

I was watching 'How to Train Your Dragon' thought I'd have a go at drawing sum vikings. I don't really like this sketch myself but its been received really well on twitter. I'll be drawing more Vikings so! This is Pro-markers, tippex pen and a sharpie

Two more people who I actually see pretty regularly on my bu. Always keep that sketchbook handy

Some swallow studies. African or European, that's up to yo. Some prelim studies for a tattoo design I'm working on.

More figure studies, people I drew while waiting around in town. That woman actually had a freaky long neck

Some doodles I did in front of the telly

Another tattoo design I'm working on

Some more telly doodles. When I finished drawing this guy on the left I realised he looked really pervy, so I gave him something to perv on.

Been watching Supernatural,  I  dig this show so here's Bobby and a Leviathan... and a strange dark figure cloaked in shadow

Another telly doodle, quite happy with this one, I reckon I'll ink it up soon

This is a submission for the collective thinking blog. the theme was 'The 7 Deadly Sins"  I went with a pretty Wrathful Hulk. He's choking the security guard for letting Rick Jones into the testing grounds, Banner is watching in the background.

Been having some crazy dreams lately about the Witch from Left for Dead chasing me down Patrick street in Dun Laoghaire. Its good for me that zombies don't know any Ju Jitsu, but she packs a crazy amount of cardio, she never stops running.

Tried something new here, not ecstatic about this one yet, but I want to bring this into PS and paint it up.

and here's the last one. This is Jack the Ripper. Poor composition here, really missed my marquee tool and paste option, but i do like the idea. I'll draw up some more of these soon and get em all right.

Here we go, more posts soon! Maybe even tomorro!

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