Monday, February 13, 2012


Yo so here's a pic of the Plaque I designed for a mate of mine. My mates trainer and close friend had a surprise birthday party and my mate and the guys at the gym got together and organised this Plaque.

I was given a pretty cool theme, something along the lines of 'The Last Irish Warrior' with some Samurai influence to it for good measure. It was a fun easy gig to do, I'd be happy to do some more.

My mate and his trainer do Mugendo, if you don't know about it you should check it all out here, it's a class Martial Art. And the guys training here are some of the best.

Just got this photo the other day, I hadn't seen the final result until now. Well happy with how it turned out and more importantly my mate ( the client) was too!

Thanks for the gig Fergal

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