Friday, October 7, 2011

Page 1

Due to the last few months being kinda mental I'm getting back into a comic I started. I tweeted some of the designs a while back. Here's page 1 it's still in progress but I just wanted to post it. More so because now that I've blogged it I'll definitely see it through. It's written by a good friend of mine Eamonn O'Neill, check out his work here he's an amazing writer.

What we see here is Jim, a detective based in Dublin and Skull Boy, a person that only Jim can see and interact with. The story begins with a pretty major event in Jim's life, he's just had to shoot a young boy in order to stop him from blowing up himself and everyone else in and around the school. The story follows Jim as he tries to get over the whole situation, while dealing with an extremely violent group of 'soldiers'. I'm being vague on purpose, I'll sell it better when I have more to show.

It's a great story and promises a lot. As ever Eamonn's dialogue is pure genius. I'll keep u all updated with it as the comic starts to take shape.