Friday, January 10, 2014

First Blog of the New Year!


sorry about the blog silence but I have valid reasons

1 - Really busy up until the Chrimbo holidays and any free time I had went into the commissions I had to do, which I obv couldn't post cause it would have been a Christmas pressie spoiler.

2-  Look I sprained a ligament in my drawing hand so :P,  it's on the mend now tho and I'm back drawing, according to doc I'll be 100% drawing fit by next week

So I'm gonna post up some of the commissions I did now and keep some other ones for dry spells, like say when I'm busy or sprained my hand ( not that I EVER plan on spraining it again)

So here goes

This was for my friend Dave, who asked me to do a caricature of his missus Claire.  Usually when it comes to family and friends I point blank refuse to do caricatures for many reasons. But I grew up with Dave and Claire, now I live in Dublin and they're in Wexford so if I got it wrong, well I'm not around to hear about it! So why not have a go at it  ;)

After I told Dave I don't usually do caricatures of family and friends he said all he wanted was " a girl with black hair with a lab coat on" (as Claire works in a lab). When I got the chance to work out the caricature it didnt really take long, turns out Claire is pretty easy to draw.

side note - By the way EVERYBODY in facebook land, well finding reference on you to draw is a tad easy and a little stalker friendly... just something to keep in mind

So here's the pic, I just thought it would be a little funny if I threw in a bottle of wine into the mix and made it look like Claire was swigging wine from one of the test tubes in the lab.

and here's a pic of Claire with the pic, everybody's happy. ( Note her awesome Christmas jumper! )

Job Done! I'm back to blogging weekly now, I'll have a new Facebook art page soon that'll be updated a little more regularly so watch out for that too!

See yee next Friday!

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