Friday, September 6, 2013

Felling a bit Nostalgic

Hey folks,

sorry about the lack of post last week, had a nerve problem and it sorta stopped me drawing for a bit. Buuuuut here's some stuff for this week,

Pics from the talks I've done recently and I actually found a rake of old drawings. like my portfolio that I used to get into college with aaaaaaaand some pics I did near the end of my days in college.

So here we go, Thursday lats workshop first.  

First off I'd just like to say Thank you again to all who came to the workshop. There was even a few people who came down on the night on the slight chance that there had been ticket cancellations and they might get in. Really appreciate the interest I hope you all got what you needed/looking for from the workshop, very happy to be working on your folios with you now!

Just caught a pic of the crowd as they left the science gallery.

Aaaaand then I went on to do an Ignite talk at Electric picnic last week. An Ignite talk is 5mins long, and every 15 seconds you have a new slide to talk about, so you gotta keep up with the slides as they change automatically. Loads of fun, would love to do it again. The talks were recorded to go onto the Ignite talks website, when it goes up I'll post it here too.

Aaaaaand yep they got my name wrong on the poster outside the tent, didn't put a dampner on anything I enjoyed doing my talk and saw some really interesting talks and met some awesome people.

sooooooo some of you may have seen on my twitter page yesterday that I found some old folio work, well here it is.

Found this chest and some old portfolios in a clear out yesterday, I thought it might be a bit of a laugh to post up some stuff! Well the stuff that lasted, some of the paper deteriorated over the past 10 years so i did what i could with what i had at hand. I apologise now, but I didn't have any internet access in when i was back in the rents house so i had to stick with the camera on the iPhone so some of the quality of the pics isnt so hot, but hey neither are some of the images ;) .

So here's what got me into BCFE... yes I was the guy that had comics stuff in his animation portfolio... rookie mistake

I copied this from a comic book I really digged at the time. Drawn n painted on A2, acrylics were about the only paint i had any grasp of at the time.

Yep I also had the stereo typical celebrity charcoals, here's Enya and some Hopkins, A2 again.

next probably what got me into college I had sketchbooks and sketchbooks full of drawing of my friends in school. there used to be an after school study, I signed up for that and used the first hour to draw hands, bags negative shapes of chairs, people you name it just things I knew that were famously hard to draw things I had heard helped me improve my observational skills. Honestly that's probably all i was aware of at the time. When I went to college I realized EVERYTHING that I was doing wrong.

I drew Loads of hands

More comics stuff I copied for my folio, all A2.

Then i got to college and did stuff like this, all of this is from my last year in BCFE.

10/15 mins pastel

sustained pose (always annoied my that I messed up his thumb) 

 10 mins conté, love conté never went back to charcoal after I got the hang of em

below is a gesture, probably a few seconds I cant really make out how long it is, charcoal on newsprint

below is a 10/15 mins, contour drawing was kind of a favourite of mine

started to get into watercolors the more I got into David Mack's work...

another gesture

 tried some new stuff with inks

More watercolours

this was actually my first attempt with ink i was raging i got the bleed wrong on the legs, the line ran pretty thick.

Pencil, sustained drawing

So there you go, I think a pretty clear learning curve is there to be seen from what I've done over the past 10 years. Here's to the next 10!

Also here's some new places to come see me talk about storyboarding  

 Above you will get a 2 hour workshop where I will talk about storyboarding and how it can be used in animation to inform people about health, kind of how to tell people visually and get the most impact.

AAAAAAAnd one Im really really looking forward to is the DICE con this year

Here I'll be doing an hour talk that will be closer to my workshop last week. So if you want to talk Storyboards come over and say hi. If you dig comics, You GOTTA check out this con it's got an amazing line up!

So Sin é Hope you all digged that, next week I'll have some new stuff to post! :)


Superhilbo! said...

Winner Ben, your stripes are well earned!!!...or should that be Mr. Brian...heh heh. Love seeing the processes you did through college..watercolour ones especially. Well cool. :)

Bennessy said...

Cheers Hilbo! it was nice to look back on all the work, thank gawd i improved or I'd be pretty hungry at this stage. :)

Anonymous said...

Ben, you're still holding onto those A0
pages of newsprint? Maybe they'll, be worth something in the future ;)

Bennessy said...

ha yeah I'll hold onto em as long as I can. Thought the newsprint would have pretty much turned to dust by now. Haha here's hoping