Monday, August 12, 2013

Storyboarding Workshop and COMICS

Hey folks,

Pardon the lack of posts last Friday but I wanted to get all this stuff together.

First things first, Pegbar in association with Animation Skillnet will be back this month, there will be a storyboard workshop in The Science Gallery Thursday the 29th of August. I'll be giving the workshop. All the details are on the Pegbar website here and you can buy your tickets via the Science Gallery website here.  you can also call inot the science gallery and get your tickets if you have any tech issues just ask em at the reception desk when you go in.

 The workshop will cover basic board techniques, I'll share some tips I have picked up in my time as storyboarder and provide a storyboard production package for anyone looking to build a portfolio.  I'll even review your folio and help get you ready for the industry.

And here's somethings I've been working on the past few days/weeks you might dig.

The first is a page from a short story I worked on for Coimicí Gael's Rírá with writer Dave Hendricks and letterer Aidan Courtney. It'll be out soon so keep an eye out for it, it'll be a great book and it's aimed for readers of about age 8is + I'd say. Had a lot of fun working on it!

and here's a WIP panel of my Carrie and Rufus book,

It's slowly taking form I'll keep you all updated as I go along with it. Having an incredible amount of fun working on it.

That's it for another while anyways, I'll be back blogging again on Fridays.


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