Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hunger Games Commission and an iPad WIP

Hi all,

In my new efforts to blog far more often here's the latest pieces I've done.

The first is Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. I told a friend of mine that I listened to the audiobook not so long ago and in the first book a number of moments stuck with me and I hoped to illustrate some of them. (All of which I'll illustrate soon, I Really enjoyed the first book. And now that I've written it here I HAVE to do it ). My mate Paddy remembered this and since his wife Miriam is a BIG hunger games fan he asked me to do a pic for his wife's birthday. I was more than happy to and was given a direction of ' Maybe a pic of Katniss in the woods hunting deer or something?  She likes those parts of the books.' So I got to work,

This is what I came up with. I'm pretty happy with the result, but more importantly Miriam is! Happy birthday Miriam!

I thought about using Jennifer Lawrence's likeness in the pic, but when I was doing some prep one day I developed a few more designs that I thought were stronger, this one is my fav.  I'll prob do a few more iterations of her yet, she's a great character.

On the note of her hunting I put in two deer amid the trees in the BG, I played around with their negative shapes, tried to give the idea of movement and as they are not both in perfect silhouette, it's almost like Katniss can almost hear them both somewhere in the foliage.

I wasn't going to blog these but they got quite a good reception on Facebook and Twitter so I thought I'd better throw them up here. It's a Wolverine WIP that I have been doing in my spare time on my iPad. Here's pic one from my iPad that I have done with my new stylus

All are done in the Sketchbook pro App using the Griffin Stylus ( many people have been asking what I did them with) , which I really recommend. Still a long way to go with em yet but fun to do and there will always be an iPad drawing on the go now so expect a lot more to follow.

 January has actually been pretty good, I got a rake of commissions in so I have enough Pic's to post for a while. If anyone else would like a commission please contact me via Twitter/Facebook. 


teehanwolf said...

Great pics Ben. The brush border is a lovely touch too. What is the stylus you're using? The lines on the wolvie drawing are great

Max said...

Have you seen this stylus?

miriam abuin said...

Hey! Thanks again, it's an amazing present! I have to admit I liked you dropped the Jennifer Lawrence reference, I think she is great in the movie, don't take me wrong but when reading I thought of a girl of a more fragile appearance, specially for the scenes in the district: I think you got that right. I also like the effect in the edges and the trees. I was surprised you did a night picture, and about the stripy pants! Really enjoying the last few posts, keep it up!

Bennessy said...

Cheers Jamie! I'm using the griffin stylus it's really good and its pretty cheap too, its def got my seal of approval.

Glad you dig it Miriam! Yeah when I was asked to do a black n white pic I just got a great idea of how I could frame it, just meant for a night time hunt... I guess Katniss's sister had to be pretty hungry for her to hunt at night. Yeah I saw Jen Lawrence wearing them when I was doing some reference, couldn't get em outta my head after that kinda dig em :)