Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hi folks,

Here's some work I did yesterday while winding down from Pegbar and blitzed in inspiration from The Book of Kells.  I try do some figure studies as often as possible, but usually end up having my ambition being beaten up by a thing called life. But yesterday i got a chance and I took it.   I really find that this kind of drawing exercise is really important and immediately you can find it helping you out in a number of ways. As David Colman says figure studies are as important to the artist as weightlifting is to the footballer.  so here's some very rusty 'lifts'

Memory drawing - This girl was really interesting, clearly very into fashion. Great haircut, thick framed glasses, skinny and reaaaaaalllly tight clothes.  she also seemed to have some kind of staring competition with the car parks pay machine


Figure study - This girl was really summery, a back half slung over one shoulder and kept tugging on her cardigan, don't know why. She was standing around waiting for her bf to come back from the pay machine.  its the only figure study that I'm posting up, the rest were pretty shocking.  Used pen on this one, as it makes me more decisive with my line. which is kind of important when you're drawing people who aren't posing or know that they are being drawn.


Memory drawing - This dude saw me drawing people, he didn't approve soooooo i drew him... he looked angry


Memory Drawing - my favourite drawing of the day by a long shot.  I left the carpark and did some drawing outside (it was actually nice out in Dublin)  and when i did i saw this oul fella.  He walked out of a shop and started rolling up a smoke.  Not once did he actually look at what his hands were doing! not once!  he just kept looking all around him n before u knew it he was smoking his way down Henry street.  awesome.  In my figure study i did something i thought was interesting where i scribbled in his legs while having no outline, didn't really carry that idea the way i wanted to in this sketch but here it is anyways



Superhilbo! said...

cool stuff Ben, angry man sure had a long and angry stare in your direction!! Jayzus.

tinylittlesandra said...

These are great Ben! Like... 'wow' great =)

Love the attitude on one, great job there, and the last one, really impressive!

I look forward to more awesomeness from you - Keep it up!

Bennessy said...

Thanks a mill! He really was angry Hilbo, i thought my drawing was gonna burst into flames.

Cheers Sandra, i was actually thinking about editing 1 and the figure study from the post, ill leave em now. thanks!

Unknown said...

Some sick stuff on your blog man. Keep it up!

Bennessy said...

Cheers Ben really appreciate that man!