Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New studio and a revamped home studio

Here it is!  our (Flip n Roll and Pegbar's) new studio in the media cube, massive big space, plenty of light, kitted out and rent free for one year! Boom!  more pictures to follow as soon! theres a whole other side of the room!

aaaaaaand heres my home studio

still rockin the animation disc

aand the newest addition, band spanking new iMac.  hanging up above it is stills from Spidey 2 and a signed Romita Snr and Alex Ross Spidey print. and of cource wanda wacom. and my big lebowski mouse mat... it really ties the room together

2 constant sources of inspiration

set up an-mhaith!


Deirdre de Barra said...

Sweet set up!

Bennessy said...

cheers Dee

Superhilbo! said...

Lovely job Ben - like the pics especially, classy and mucho inspiration I reckon!! Yep, studios rule.

Bennessy said...

they do indeed, thanks Hil!